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What Is Startup Chile?

Startup Chile is a world recognized program where more than 1,000 startups worldwide will be selected to came and operate from this country.

Selected startups will receive $40k USD equity-free seed capital, free offices and an important number of business contacts. The unique condition: Operate from Chile for 6 Months.

The country have a lot of direct benefits; But that’s a topic for another post.

A couple of months ago (Ag/08) i was done with the form application for the program using Guali (my startup) as project.

On September 23, after no sleep within a month i received an email congratulating me for being selected. AWESOME!.

I knew my chances where good; During 15 months we got into ramen profitability, a couple of Google certifications and we did it as a “succesfull story” within a Seed Program in Mexico…whatever, the surprise was great.

Why I’m Leaving Mexico?

Even before knowing about Startup Chile i was thinking about the excessive bureaucracy in my country and the possibility to “establish” the business elsewhere.

Between the limitations in Mexico there was a high tax rate (30%) because we where on internet business and almost all our expenses (80%) where no-deductible. True is i don’t care to pay 50% in taxes if that money is expended well. But it doesn’t. In Mexico politics are talkers and not doers.

Next week i will legally close my first (i just started when graduated from college as engineer) and successful Startup in Mexico and i will not pay Taxes in this country anymore.. i will establish the company in a country with a better administration (i don’t respect war a lot either).

I Will Continue Supporting My Country?

Hell Yeah!!; I’m just getting rid of the politics, Im planing to do donations by myself to support small-medium projects asking for a little of help to fly.

My mom is principal of a high school, they have only 8 computers for 400 students; If everything goes well I hope to donate a complete lab with 50 computers by mid 2012.

I suppose that Sometimes is better to cut off the middle man.

Pd. If you are in mexico and you have a startup please send me a tweet, maybe we can do a bigger donation together and be featured on Startup Chile blog :) .