Humanity is in a funny spot at this moment. Computers and Automation are changing the equation for a happy, good-standing society and this is freaking out everybody. But why?

Ultimte automation … will make our modern industry as primitive and outdated as the stone age man looks to us today.
- Albert Einstein.

Automation VS Employment.

Almost all the economy within the world is based on the fact that “people must sell their labor-power” to build things that other people will buy with their own-earned money. If the ball keeps rolling everything is okay.

But, what happens if suddenly the industry stops needing labor-power to build stuff?.

It’ simple: If Nobody has money then nobody will buy anything, and there is no business in building things that nobody can’t buy .. and this is a really big problem.

While politics blame immigration and outsourcing as the causes of unemployment the true is that (in capitalism) automation is the core-problem to “attack (?)”. Wait.. what?

Money Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Capitalism has been build thinking in reduce costs to increase profits, natural evolution of the industry is to replace human-labor by machines whenever that’s possible.

Automation = Increased productivity = Decreasing employment.

The most important factor in capitalism is Profit. Theoretically speaking, the necessity of generate Income provides the people with an incentive to develop new ideas and products that might sell in the market.

The assumption then is that if people where not motivated by money then anything will be crated, therefore no social progress would be achieved. WRONG.

While is true that some inventions came from a unique interest of making personal income; the intend behind those creations generally have nothing to do with social concerns and everything to do with self-benefit and blind profits.

In this system, the pursue of profit is always before human-good.

Problems in our monetary-based society will only have a resolution if money can be made from solving those problems… and that’s not cool.

Society Should Have a Bigger Fish To Fry

Ok, 80 years ago this system was perfect; there where no automation and lots of useless jobs where being taken by humans instead of error-proof machines like nowadays.

Problem with those Jobs is that they where not generating any benefit apart from getting a check at the end of the month. Employee is getting profits but there is no a real, tangible contribution to society. Just a depressed guy waiting for 5pm.

With modern technology we are able to produce far more stuff with less people than in any other time in the history. And this is seeing as a problem instead of a solution to free humans of skill-less jobs.

Now; what if there will no need for a job to live like a human? .. today, we can provide society with energy, food, and health so everyone can be free to develop their ideas for a better world. But we don’t. People dies everyday for starvation no because there is no food, reason is they can’t pay for it.

We need a social design that focuses on maximizing our technological abilities for the sake of freeing humanity from drudgery and increasing productivity to it highest potential.

I’m pretty sure that i’m not going to see this. But one day, the future generations will see at the past like a bunch of monkeys working 8 hours for a piece of “official printed paper”.